Industrial Feed Pellet Mill Manufacturers

March 1st, 2012

feed pellet mills manufacturerPellet mills have the capability of producing wood pellets plus animal feeds which are tailored for different purposes. Feed pellet mill manufacturers have come up with various machine structure designs meant to achieve granulation of grass meals, organic fertilizer, livestock feed and many more products. Animal turn-key units attract both domestic and imported models with different advantageous attributes like low power consumption, performance, stability and reliability.

Performance characteristics adopted by many feed pellet mills manufacturers include:

  • Use of rectangular shaped rotary belt, easy maintenance process, and low noise output.
  • Employment of die and roller pressure to handle special material. Distinct heat process is adopted resulting in long term positive results.
  • Roll molding granulation of extra hard material is also adjustable to cater for several sizes of particles. Die and roller pressure help facilitate easy dismantling.
  • Adjustable feed speed help control the feeding capacity depending on the kind of material and their sizes.

Notable feed pellet mill manufacturers include the Chinese firm, AGICO. Their pellet products comprise small and large scale animal turn-key plants with great after-sales services. Other companies like Liyang Decheng do specialize in the manufacture of feed machinery plus fully assembled microbial compound fertilizer units. Most of the manufacturers adopt morality and due honesty as their basis of doing business.

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