Pellets Bulgaria

May 17th, 2012

Pellets can be defined as small masses of solid substances that are formed by compressing small particles of original material. For the pellets to be compact as they are, force must be applied, mostly by the use of compression machines or pellet mills. The pellets produced normally come in different sizes depending on the machines used. Their quality is also a factor that differs based on the original materials they have been obtained from. Pellets are good biomass for energy production and people are encourage supplement them with other fuels.

pellets Bulgaria Many countries worldwide have embraced the production and consumption of pellets especially wood pellets which are widely used as source of energy. However, their use is still low in others nations even though they have sufficient wood-producing industries .A good example of such countries is Bulgaria. Production of pellets in Bulgaria is growing gradually because domestic consumption of the product is still low. The records show that most of pellets produced are exported to Italy where the consumption is higher. Currently, the government under the ministry of Economy and Energy has put forth policy framework that would enable the country reach a significant growth in the production and use of pellets. The implementation of policy is clearly depicted by the importation cargoes that have been labeled ‘pellets Bulgaria’ coming mostly from China.

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It is all about wood fuel

May 16th, 2012

wood fuel Since fuel is any substance that stores energy, wood fuel similarly can be described as energy obtained from wood. It is also called biofuel since it is derived from many different plant and plant derivatives that can replenish easily. Wood fuel is known to be the oldest source of energy right from the early ages and its discovery marked a milestone in the development and advancement of the human being. It is mostly available and easy to use such that it still serves as primary source of energy in many parts of the world. Its usage is varied such that the energy produced can be used mainly for cooking and heating. The energy can also be used to produce steam that can run big mechanical engines and turbines. The wood used can be in different forms. They include wood chips, charcoal, wood pellets, sawdust among others that can be used in stoves, boilers and kilns.

Despite the fact that wood fuel is highly used globally, there are arguments that it has negative effect on the environment due to the release of excessive carbodioxide gas into the air. This is true to some extent but its effect is not as destructive as other carbon derivative fuels like propane.

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