Feed Mill Aquaculture

March 5th, 2012

feed mill aquaculture The standard-setting organization, the Global Aquaculture Alliance, recently completed the BAP references for feed mill aquaculture certification. Apart from linking to the best aquaculture practices certification, the move allows the feed manufacturers to subscribe to BAP certification as well. The standards provide for expanded BAP certification to include complete aquaculture chain production. This encompasses hatchery and all the way up to the processing machinery. Feed manufacturers can now contact   Best Aquaculture Practices Certification Management on issues related to BAP certification. The standards do address food safety while undergoing through the processing stage as well as long term sustainability of fishmeal sources.

feed mill aquacultures The program (BAP) demands that farmers develop viable plans that will not lead to unstable sources of raw material. Well managed fisheries should be able to transit from fishmeal to fish oil undertakings. Projected target aim to derive fishmeal byproducts from certified fisheries of up to 50 percent in the coming five years. Certified feed mill aquaculture must thus show an indication of fish inclusion factor on all product tags, packaging including any other documentation that justifies marine ingredient component for all the aquaculture feeds. This helps facilitate easy tabulation of input and output of fish ratios. Development of standards governing aquaculture feed mills involve stake holder from mainstream ingredient suppliers, manufacturers including NGOs. The standards not only help to address food safety but environmental responsibility as well.

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