Feed Mill Process

April 18th, 2013

The modern feed mill process is designed to help with meeting of the market needs. These needs keep on fluctuating from time to time. The current needs are quite different from those which people had in the past years. Regardless of the needs, it is imperative that the quality of the feed pellets be of the highest caliber. People no longer have a reason to be afraid of the feed mill process simply because it is much easier and quite convenient, especially if you apply the right kind of products. It is imperative that you crush all the raw materials to be used in the mill first.

Feed Mill Process

feed mill process   feed pellet mill process

The nutrition value of the pellets must be ensured, and this is possible when close attention is paid to the raw materials and other ingredients that are important of for the feed mill process. The efficiency and productivity of the feed mill process should be high. If you are purchasing one of them, make sure you go for the one that consumes low energy. The process makes use of technology that ensures shaping of the pellets is done properly, while the hardness and quality of the pellets is not compromised, and that only small quantities of raw materials are added into the mill.

The animal feeds that are produced using this mill are easy to digest. They won’t give your animals any problem when eating them. The pellets or feed produced using this system will not condone animal piddling; it will eliminate this problem instead. It is much easier to control the nutrition of the animals using the feed produced by this system. The power to add the nutrients or minerals that are good for your animals is entirely in your hands. The fact that the pellets are produced here using heat, makes it easier for the animals to avoid some of the more common diseases which afflict them.

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Cattle Feed Plant

April 3rd, 2013

cattle feed plant Cattle feed plant is very important manufacturing establishment. Such a plant is crucial in the manufacture of cattle feed using either modern or traditional methods. These plants will produce what is required only when the proper formula of the feed has been arrived at adequately. The key to the success of these plants in terms of producing the requisite cattle feed, lies in the presence of proportionate ingredients. The sizes of the sample being used to produce cattle feed should not be used as an excuse to hinder the uniformity of the same product as this will interfere with its quality.

Cattle feed plant uses a number of processes that are central to its ability to perform appropriately. The first step carried out by these types of manufacturing plants involves receiving of materials. This is followed by proportioning the same materials accordingly. The material needs to be taken through a grinding process, before it is mollassified and mixed accordingly. The feed is afterwards turned into pellets before it is cooled to the right temperatures. While it is getting cooled, it must be dried to ensure that any moisture content that was still in the feed is eliminated completely.

Cattle feed plant will only be considered to have finished this process once it also packs them within the right sizes of bags and stores them in the suitable surroundings. If the cattle feed is to remain durable, it needs to be stored in dry places. Most of these types of manufacturing plants are also used in the making of chicken feed, though a few changes and adjustments must be carried out first.

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Poultry Feed Machine

March 15th, 2013

KMEC is responsible for the manufacture of a number of top quality poultry feed machines. The machines made by KMEC are easy to transport from one location to the next. They are designed to ensure that your poultry receives condensed nutrition at all times. You can use clean pellets with this machine to ensure that your poultry does not suffer ill-health. The list of machinery available from KMEC is quite comprehensive to say the least. You can now establish a feed mill for your poultry using the machine designed by KMEC. You need to look for a feed crumbler since it is a major piece of equipment.

poultry feed machine

The capacity poultry feed machine availed at KMEC ranges from 100kg and above. This machine is able to produce poultry feed for your animals from a variety of plants or crops or materials. Soybean, corn, rice and wheat bran, fish meal and vinasse among others, are just a few of the crops used in this machine to produce poultry feed for your animals. This machine, although it is designed to produce feed for your poultry, can be used to manufacture feed for cattle, goats, sheep and pigs. If you want to produce feed for your fish, you can still make use of this feed to manufacture the same.

poultry feed machines

The poultry feed machine produced by KMEC can be used to make feed for your pets as well. You only need to follow the set instructions in order to make this possible. You can choose either manual or automatic dosing systems that are both available on this machine. The pellet sizes you should look forward to producing for your poultry through this machine range from 2-12mm. However, such a machine can be customized to ensure that you are able to produce feed or pellets of other sizes too.


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Having an Energy Shortage? Try Using Small Scale Pellet Mills from GEMCO Energy Company

February 1st, 2013

A Small Scale Pellet Mills is a kind of press machine used in the creation of pellets by the use of pulverized material. The powdered materials are joined together in making large materials. These materials are used in producing biomass energy. Because of the rise in price of fuel it is always good to look for other ways offering similar services but sensitive to your money. This is one of them.

Green Energy Machinery Communication Open-mind company (GEMCO energy) manufactures offers the best alternative way. They manufacture the best quality equipments to cater for people needs in the energy providing sector.

Being present for a long time in the market has enabled them to gain much experience in making them.  They have qualified team members that always deliver equipment of high quality. The teams’ aim is to offer solutions in every situation that arises.

Purchasing Small Scale Pellet Mills is a good move for home or small-scale business use. This is because the manufacture has designed it to be able to work for 24 hours continuously. It can be used even at night because it produces a low noise that can not interfere with night practices. This equipment comes with its manual instruction booklet although it is very easy to operate. It delivers high production but consumes less energy.

The GEMCO Company has wide experience in making Small Scale Pellet Mills. They understand every details of the customers need. They ensure that they produce equipments of high quality that offers long service life to the customer. They also give their best services to them. By offering after sale service like transportation, offering discount, making the spare parts available and providing other necessary services that the equipment might need.

If you are tired with the everyday fuel price rise purchase Small Scale Pellet Mills. This will make you be able to safe your money and have a free-polluted environment.

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USA Pellet Mill – Choosing the Most Appropriate Mill For Pellet Production

January 26th, 2013

Looking for the perfect USA pellet mill to set up business with is important. There are many mill manufacturers in the US and therefore you will be spoilt for choice, or will you? It is your mandate to find the best in the market. Here, we will give you some information about different types of mills that you can get in the USA market.

USA pellet mill

The choice of the pellet mill is very important because what you choose will determine the quality of the products that you take to the market. Whether you are going to the small scale production of pellets or large scale, the choice of the pellet mills is paramount. Either way, it will not come close to disappoint any user, at least on an average scale. What areas of application are you interested in putting up this piece of machinery? This can find extensive use in the production of poultry feed pellets, wood pellets, fertilizer pellets, pharmaceuticals, sawdust pellets, and polyester, just to mention but a few. What is unique with this pellet mill is that it allows you it allows you to experiment with any recipes of pellets, no matter how innovative they could be.

USA pellet mills

There are so many of pellet mills in the current market but several features can be attributable to the New Michigan PTO pellet mill remaining a market force for so long. The first thing it is of so fine quality that many users will find it effective than they expected before they bought it. This USA Pellet Mill has a remarkably high quality that will make working with it such a breeze and fun. The quality of the components of the mill from the feed, rollers, hammer and so forth are dedicated to ensure that the finished product is of the finest quality possible.

USA PTO pellet mill

The price that the PMF12E30 Biomass Wood Pellet mill comes with is anything that no one will want to complain about, having in mind that its quality is so satisfying. Well, this USA Pellet Mill has cons, just like any other device in the market. It makes use of fuel energy to run the components in the pellet production phases and it may seem inappropriate for some users due to this energy inefficiency.


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Want A Strong And Durable Pellet Mill Ring Die? Buy From KMEC Company

January 23rd, 2013

A Pellet Mill Ring Die, also referred to as round die pellet mill, is used in the grinding of straw, wood or any other product used to produce biomass energy.  Henan Kingman M&E wood pellet equipment manufacturer in china gets all the credit in producing them. The company produces equipments of high quality that are able to offer excellent performance services for a long time.

logo of KMEC

Their maintenance costs are low, thanks to the materials used in manufacturing this tool. The parts that pressure is subjected to in most of times are made of steel alloy. The steel do not react with the surrounding making it stay strong and acquiescent for a longer period in its service life.

The Henan Kingman M&E manufacturer company (KMEC) has ensured that the equipment can be used in both small and large scale production. This is made possible because it is ability to preserve energy. It is made in a technical design such that it does not lead to the wear and tear of the adjacent parts like the rollers.

pellet mill ring die

Besides having the most qualified workers, our reputation also comes from the many number of years we have been manufacturing the pellet mill ring die. We always consider our customer first. This is done by delivering the purchases made by the customers, offering maintenance services, ensuring the availability of spare parts, offering installation services and a guaranteed after sale service.

We stand out to be the best in the market. To experience our good quality pellet mill ring die equipment come partner with us – the chief Chinese manufacturer KMEC Company.


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Guidelines for buying a portable wood pellet mill

January 5th, 2013

Wood pellet mills have been used by many people over the years to reduce carbon emissions that often accompany fossil fuels and also as an alternative to the traditional energy sources whose costs have been on the rise. These pellet mills use locally found raw materials that are essentially a byproduct of the various processes that wood goes through when being prepared for a variety of functions. To enhance the use of the commonly used wood pellet mill there is now a portable version of the same machine. There a number of companies that manufacture and even export portable wood pellet mill that can be used in homes and even to produce pellets for sale.

Majority of the companies that sell portable wood pellet mill offer products that are of quality but it is still important to have an idea of what to look out for in order to get a good deal.

portable wood pellet mill portable wood pellet mills

First, the requirements attached to various portable wood pellet mills are very important to take note of as they differ from one machine to another. Pellet mills for home and industrial use differ in a variety of ways thus making it important to look at them before placing an order.

Second, the functional capability of the pellet mill is also important to take note of, so that the machine that is purchased is able to perform as required in regard to pellet quality. Furthermore, a portable wood pellet mill that can process different raw materials from wood is much better than one which only processes specific wood byproducts.

Lastly, no matter the company that the portable wood pellet mill is being purchased from, it should be easy to maintain and this can only be known by thoroughly researching about the product.

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Advantages of owning a pellet stove and a pellet maker

January 4th, 2013

Home owners that have a pellet stove pellet maker are at a more advantageous position than those who have one of this equipment and not the other. For a pellet stove to be effective it must have the right amount and type of pellets to burn it and produce heat. Wood and grass are the most common types of pellets used in pellet stoves and have proven to be effective over the years. The making of wood or grass pellets is quite simple when one has a pellet maker and raw materials that can be easily found in the local area. The raw materials for wood pellets are by products from operations involving wood processing, while for grass pellets is grass that cannot be used for other purposes.

pellet stove pellet maker   pellet stove

One of the benefits  of having both a pellet maker and stove  is that the costs of purchasing the pellets is drastically reduced thus making the use of the stove much more economically viable. Furthermore, the amount size and type of pellets is determined by the home owner which is important when using a pellet stove to ensure that the pellets used are effective.  Monitoring of the pellet stove pellet maker relationship is also possible, in terms of the amount of pellets used on a regular basis and if there is need to change the raw materials once in a while. In addition, using a pellet stove pellet maker is also environmental friendly.

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Tips on buying a grass pellet machine

December 14th, 2012

Since the introduction of wood pellet mills there has been an unveiling of many other pellet mills that use other types of raw materials to produce pellets that are used as fuel. Grass pellets, are one of the newer types that are gradually becoming popular and replacing wood pellets that are used in homes and for commercial purposes as well. The machine used to produce these grass pellets is the grass pellet machine which is available in the market, both online and in stores that sell these types of machinery. However, it is important to have an idea of the factors that should be considered before making a purchase of a grass pellet machine.

grass pellet
Some of the factors to consider when buying a grass pellet machine include its size, which will be likely determined by the amount of pellets that need to be produced. Second, the amount of money set aside for the purchase is also a factor to consider ensuring that the machine bought is worth the money it is bought for. Third, there are a number of companies that sell grass pellet machines, thereby making it important to have an idea of what they are offering and at what price so as to get a good deal and at a good price. Fourth, grass pellet machines are available in a variety of types, which makes it important to be aware of the one that is needed beforehand to make the selection process much faster and easier as well.
grass pellet machine grass pellet mill
The purchase of a grass pellet mill is a good way to use grass, which is a commonly available raw material to be used as alternative fuel for home use or even commercial purposes that results in the reduction of expenses related to fuel.

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The Benefits of the Plastic Pellet Making Machine

October 30th, 2012

Here are affordable ways to purchase a plastic pellet making machine. One place to visit is the online farm supplies store because farmers and rural families often use plastic pellet making machines to prepare pellet for the farm animals. You can also find cheap plastic pellet making machines at a local hardware store or home improvement. Other places to get plastic pellet making machines include a few supermarkets and pet supply stores.

plastic pellet making machine

  • Good For The Environment

While it is true that plastic is not the most eco-friendly material, it can still be eco-friendly when used as a pellet machine because of the machine’s environmental benefits overall. Studies have shown that when you use pellet machines to produce powdered wood for heating or as new food resources, you use less fossil fuels and less carbon.

  • Give The Coffee Maker A Break With Plastic Pellet Making Machine

Since you can use the plastic pellet making machine to create various food items, you can experiment with your morning coffee routine. Take your usual coffee beans and grind them to powder form in the food processor. Then put a little honey in the powdered mixture and put in the plastic pellet machine. After this you can cut the coffee pellet in small pieces and place a few in your cup and add hot water from the stove to it.

  • Conclusion

Plastic pellet making machine is a good way to cut back on using gas and it decreases the use of electricity for heating and food sources.

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