Differences between Feed Mill Equipment

March 3rd, 2012

There are three basic differences when it comes to feed mill equipment as well as other associated accessories required in the production of pellets. In majority of equipment, the first in priority is the hammer mill which works on the attrition and frequency of hammers. It provides necessary impact to crush raw materials reducing them into small equal sizes. Typical sizes are barely in millimeter dimensions.

feed mill equipment Your desired size of pellets determines the amount of particles coming out of your equipment. In general, particles must be smaller compared to the pellets produced. For instance if you desire to produce 6mm diameter of pellets, then choose particles with less diameter for your machine. It suffices to note that pellet making machines with a circular die component is specially designed to produce animal feed pellets. This particular type of feed mill equipment is characterized by low power consumption with more output.

Feed ingredients obtained from corn are mostly viscous and easily shaped. It requires optimum pressure to generate trip. As for wood chips, meal and discarded tires including heat resistant materials require a lot of pressure. Due to its design limitations, ring pellet feed mill equipment do not provide for adjustable parts as it will crush the materials beyond pressure loads resulting in wear and tear of roller bearing.

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