Feed Pellet Mills Price

March 7th, 2012

feed pellet mills price

The prices of pellet mills go hand in hand with the special use of these machines. Also the manufactures determine the prices for the machine. For example a HKJ508 Wood Pellet Mill cost as much as 40000 – 50000 US Dollars. While others go for 1600 – 3000 US Dollars.

feed pellet mill price A person may buy according to their preference and what they want to use it for. Home use biomass pellet mill for wood and feed pellet will even go as low as US $520 which has a capacity to take up to 75-100kg/h. if you are looking for a pellet mill for wood sawdust, rice husk, cotton stalk, cotton skins ,weeds etc, you can also have it for US $800 – 2000 a set.

Some manufacturers have even come up with high efficiency pellet mill with cost effective prices. They will serve you with long life, high efficiency, and also save energy

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