Poultry Feed Machine

March 15th, 2013

KMEC is responsible for the manufacture of a number of top quality poultry feed machines. The machines made by KMEC are easy to transport from one location to the next. They are designed to ensure that your poultry receives condensed nutrition at all times. You can use clean pellets with this machine to ensure that your poultry does not suffer ill-health. The list of machinery available from KMEC is quite comprehensive to say the least. You can now establish a feed mill for your poultry using the machine designed by KMEC. You need to look for a feed crumbler since it is a major piece of equipment.

poultry feed machine

The capacity poultry feed machine availed at KMEC ranges from 100kg and above. This machine is able to produce poultry feed for your animals from a variety of plants or crops or materials. Soybean, corn, rice and wheat bran, fish meal and vinasse among others, are just a few of the crops used in this machine to produce poultry feed for your animals. This machine, although it is designed to produce feed for your poultry, can be used to manufacture feed for cattle, goats, sheep and pigs. If you want to produce feed for your fish, you can still make use of this feed to manufacture the same.

poultry feed machines

The poultry feed machine produced by KMEC can be used to make feed for your pets as well. You only need to follow the set instructions in order to make this possible. You can choose either manual or automatic dosing systems that are both available on this machine. The pellet sizes you should look forward to producing for your poultry through this machine range from 2-12mm. However, such a machine can be customized to ensure that you are able to produce feed or pellets of other sizes too.


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